Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tonight, There's a Lot of Things Going On

Tonight...ohh tonight. Well, now it's actually getting close to 3:00 in the morning, so technically its morning. I had a completely event-filled day, brimming with hard work, hard fun, and lots of inspirations! The day started with studying studying studying, which eventually turned into an afternoon of studying, which turned into an evening of studying. Not super fun, but productive; I only got distracted a few times with thoughts of how beautiful jellyfish are how I want to learn to crochet. Once my brain was completely fried, I met up with some friends for some french fries and napkin doodles. Somehow we ended up at Target, where I fell in lust with a pair of thermal underwear, for only $12. Since I'm a dead poor college student, I woefully passed them bye with a sigh, my fingers trailing the delightfully waffle-like fabric. Naturally, we walked to Wal-Mart for cheap french baguettes and olive oil, and my friend and I decided that it would be a fantastic idea for me to give him a tattoo- I grabbed some thin beading needles and searched desperately for India ink, but to no avail- the tattooing will be delayed for a little while more. Some Smart Water later, we were wandering the aisles, and lo and behold, I ran into....THERMALS! Long-Johns, as we Minnesota's say, and for only $5.  I gleefully snatched up a couple of pairs and we dashed to the checkout. Shopping completely successful! After that, it was movie time/french bread-dipped-in-olive oil time, then home for me! Studying tomorrow...planning on being at the library at 8:00am, making those new long johns look sexy! As sexy as long john's can get haha which most likely will look like tired-ginger-up-way-too-early-looking-like-a-typical-finals-week-student. Blah. Maybe I'll muster up the effort to pull on a pair of jeans. Probably not.
With that tale of my small victory, I'll leave you all with sent hugs and kisses, and wishes of golden slumbers to all of you lucky enough to be heading to bed.  I hope tomorrow is just as perfect as today!
Oooo...and Jellyfish...

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