Monday, May 23, 2011

Beatles Frenzy

I'm a life-long Beatles fan...I grew up in a house where my dad played albums on the phonograph, my mother sang songs to us children before bed, and "Here Comes the Sun" was deemed "my song" since before I can remember.  I was flipping through some old fashion magazines of mine today, and in a Fashion Rocks issue, I found the best editorial I've seen in a while. Featuring Sasha Pivovarova and Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son), I was totally drawn in by the furs, the dresses, the free vibe of it. It's right up my alley, and completely inspired my wardrobe for this summer and fall!

Friday, May 20, 2011

French Vogue April 2011

This editorial from French Vogue's April 2011 issue completely blew me away. Gisele is perfect, the free, nomadic, wayward vibe really just pulls me in, and it some how feels so intimate-like I'm looking at someone's (someone who is unnaturally gorgeous) travel pictures.

DIY Fever

It's summertime, and as soon as the grass gets green and the sun comes out to play, I get so inspired with ideas of stuff to make and how to look. Summer hair and makeup, cutoffs, cig-burnt t-shirts, studs, safety pins, chains, homemade dreamcatchers, lace shorts, hi-lo hems. IN LOVE. I got a load of soft, worn in goodies from Goodwill yesterday- butter-soft flannels to bleach, mens silk pajamas to pair with anything, a Navajo blanket to play with and wear as a cape/jacket/poncho thing this fall, worn-in vintage t-shirts that I'll probably burn holes in, a few jeans that I'm preparing to sever later today. A trip to the craft store brought in studs, bleach, packages of RIT dye, and lots of leather cords. For fall, I'm thinking velvet skinnies (which I'll probably make this summer), leather leggings, velvet shorts, flannel dresses from oversized men's shirts, and a boudoir robe as a light jacket.

Projects start today!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Floppy Hats and Sunshine

Went and took pictures with Alice today. Went with a whole neo-hippie vibe while we trolled through the park- I ended up looking a bit like a witch, which I decided is a good look.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sometimes All I Have is Words...

He's saved me from all sorts of things
In bed at night, he held me, comforted  me
even if he wasn't there
He was just a moment, just a memory
an almost-lover
sent from God-knows-where to save a girl
who didn't think she needed saving.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Platinum Blonde Life

I always want to change my hair...but I've wanting to bleach it blonde for a long time now. I've asked some people's opinions, and most people say it wouldn't suit me, and a couple people saying it would be sexy as hell. I've sort of just gotten to the point that I feel like raising my middle finger to everyone and just go for it.  I've been looking at hair porn for the past three weeks...and I only want to do it more. The only thing holding me back at this point? I'm scared to death of damaging my hair. I've been doing my research, and heard horror stories of hair snapping mid-shaft. Snapping. But I have heard that bleach and peroxide affect different hair differently, and what I really need to do is go to a salon and have an assessement of my hair done. Here are some pics of what I have in mind...minus the slutty vibe that you'll probably get from a couple of them...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Staples

Summer is well on it's way, and as I'm gradually building a tan, I'm excited to start wearing some paler clothing.  In my past days of being freakishly white, dark colors really popped against my skin. Blacks, navys, and jewel tones really contrasted gorgeously with the pasty-white tone of my skin. I rarely wear white, because it tends to blend right in to my skin and it looks like I'm wearing nothing at all. I'm kidding, of course, but only a little. Of course if you're pale you can wear light clothing, just as if you have a darker skin tone you can wear darker clothing. But for summer, when even the most porclean-toned skin develops into a half a shade darker, it's really time for the pale clothing to come out. This summer, I'm thinking color, and a lot of it. Mixing pastels with neons is the best idea I think I've had for a while, and if I mix in my other current summer inspirations (crochet, castaway, studs, etc) I think it could really pop. Let me show you what I'm thinking :

And I have this tacky/amazing idea with Sharpies. Sharpie art. Everywhere. On jean cutoffs. On white tshirts. On walls. On cups. On Mugs. On furniture. Say what you want to say, and say it with a Sharpie. That should be a commercial.
Paradise Circus by Massive Attack is what I'm listening to's sexy as hell and gets me in the creative mood!