Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Staples

Summer is well on it's way, and as I'm gradually building a tan, I'm excited to start wearing some paler clothing.  In my past days of being freakishly white, dark colors really popped against my skin. Blacks, navys, and jewel tones really contrasted gorgeously with the pasty-white tone of my skin. I rarely wear white, because it tends to blend right in to my skin and it looks like I'm wearing nothing at all. I'm kidding, of course, but only a little. Of course if you're pale you can wear light clothing, just as if you have a darker skin tone you can wear darker clothing. But for summer, when even the most porclean-toned skin develops into a half a shade darker, it's really time for the pale clothing to come out. This summer, I'm thinking color, and a lot of it. Mixing pastels with neons is the best idea I think I've had for a while, and if I mix in my other current summer inspirations (crochet, castaway, studs, etc) I think it could really pop. Let me show you what I'm thinking :

And I have this tacky/amazing idea with Sharpies. Sharpie art. Everywhere. On jean cutoffs. On white tshirts. On walls. On cups. On Mugs. On furniture. Say what you want to say, and say it with a Sharpie. That should be a commercial.
Paradise Circus by Massive Attack is what I'm listening to's sexy as hell and gets me in the creative mood!

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