Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm on Fire

Music is a huge source of  inspiration for me. I have but to listen to a song to completely alter my mood, making me more reflective, more energetic, more in the mood to party. Music can portray loneliness in party tunes, yearning in anthems, energy in melancholy stories. And sometimes it's just a song. I'm just posting a few of my favorite songs, the ones that mean the most to me, right this moment and moments from the past. These are the one's that take me back to a moment, to a person, to a time in my life that mattered and affected me. Some are a bit sad, some are happy, all are powerful to me. A bit of a soundtrack to my life.

I included Way too many, I know. I kept finding one's that mattered to me, but I very well couldn't post the whole Killer's Sawdust album, so I settled with choosing random other loved songs. I wish I could post my whole list, but that would be never ending!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Night is For Ones Like Us

Walking along in my little red dress, steppin' in time with that car alarm. It's cloudy outside but I've got this flowery charm. Im walking on sunshine, and it's just as well. I've got a little secret, I'd better not tell.

Bright rays I emit as I swagger down the street, smiles and love to everyone I meet. So what if it rains? Nothing can get me down. Blissfully happy, I own this town.

Wink at the girl in the window, ain't she a lovely thing. Lips are like sugar, voice makes my ears ring. She smiles, how coy, but she still takes my hand. Her lips, how enchanting, but I don't understand. What will she do, I can't read her eyes. What will next happen? Life is a surprise...

I would take you home, rush to open the door. What better than twilight for love, drop your purse to the floor. The night is for lovers, and laughter and thieves. For candles for wine, for teasing to please.

I fell in love with your face, it's radiant light. In love with your embrace, it's warm comfort like night. In love with your hands, how they express so much. In love with your smile, your laughter, your touch.

Little love, take my hand, give me a hint? Pretty thing, my heart is beating a little too fast."Come with me!" I exclaim, and we dance down the street. Twirling, laughing, without missing a beat.

It's our own little dance, and we never rehearse. It's our song that we sing, and make up every verse. So magically in-tune, our bodies-our souls. We're young and in love, who cares about roles? we'll do as we wish, we'll do as we please. We'll flirt, we'll flounce, we'll giggle, we'll tease.

Stay away from a window, close to my lips. Moving our minds and dancing our hips. Some say we're naughty, some say it's sin. Well if that's the case, oh what trouble we're in...We'll raise our middle fingers, to those people below. They're shallow and wrong, and these things they'll never know: True love and bliss, dancing so free! Kisses and lips, loving you, loving me! We love what we do, winks upon winks. They don't realize that we just don't care what they think! (and our middle fingers are polished in pink)

Your looks make me burn. There's so much I could say, but it says so much more in the way that we lay. Our secret is safe and even if not, our naughty love is their fanciful thought.

We're pretty young things,and pretty we'll stay. Secrets contained on the bed where you lay. I pull you closer to me, you pull me closer to you- we'll think of things to do this whole night through. So what if they judge, they'll dream of us come night. The thoughts we inspire are our sinful delight.

Let's find foggy rain, and a mystical lake. Let's go swimming in the softest undress. Let's let old eyes see the youth in our laugh. Sexy or darling, honey let's take that path!

So let the pillow talk begin, let's tell secrets forever. We'll think we're sly, we'll think we're clever. But who could image this forbidden desire. My soul is alive for you, consumed with this fire.

My little puzzle, full of lace and tongue and tricks. Life's like a lollipop, how many licks? If your skin were a mirror, if your eyes were a dream, they'd show me the deepest desire of our greatest scheme.

A lush and heady night filled to the brim with ideas to seize, I'll do anything for you, my desire is to please. You're a dream, a doll- too good to be true. And when we finally fall asleep, I'll be dreaming of you.

Sleep is a canvas for our lovely dreams, nothing can be as real as it seems. Shutter your eyes against the empty room, maybe one day we'll sleep with our breathing in tune. 
-Alice & Elle

Monday, February 14, 2011

Au Revoir Sweet Innocence of My Youth

sometimes I just need to stop thinking, be quiet, and look at some pictures for a while.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kate Moss

This video- While Kate Moss was shooting an ad for Balmain, hidden camera's captured her expert posing, creating this bizarre, intensely felt video (with the help of artist Jo Ratcliffe). I adore everything about it: the song, the animation, and of course watching Kate Moss pose, unaware of the snakes caressing her. Surrealism is just amazing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creature Lover

I feel as if I am in a masquerade, I care not what face is behind the mask, only the smile that you have left for me to see. I love your mystery, whoever you are, sweet lover.

I see you, I crave you, tender, lithe thing; yet unveil your passion and vitality. You are my little creature.

I think I'm in love with everyone. Tell me you agree…the rapture of your soul belongs to me.

I feel like making those pretty eyes look away – checking to be sure that we’re alone, to see those cheeks flush with the words I whisper to your diamond-studded ears.

Give me ecstasy, sweet angel. Laugh like no one else can, show me your pretty doe eyes, play coy because you know I like it. See these lips of mine? They are yours if you wish.

Do you want to come with me? Don't you want to feel my skin on your's only nature. Skin upon skin, lips upon lips, tongue upon tongue, the touch of a woman, bestowed upon another, man or woman, as sacred as anything that has or has yet to happen.

It matters not what is done, so long it is done with feeling, that which gives everything importance.

I am awake for you, and all I need is music and kisses, and you wrapped about me, like two puzzle pieces, and our lips are no exception...and our fingers in how they fit so perfectly, clasped, entwined.

I love the way you’re alive. Teach me, give me that magic, love me. Unlock the world that is a shadow, blooming into splendor that I never thought to see.

Be my little Rage Monster, we do bad things, but we do wonderful things. Try to tell me they’re not the same..make me just a little angry…pull my hair with those elegant hands and show me your heart.

Because, for us, feeling any emotion at all is reason to celebrate. Be my lover, shall we share the feeling? Smile, my beloved, for you know the way I love you is not like any other. Do I deserve the love-sounds that echo from your sweet lips?

A vision of our tangled hair, sparkling eyes, slightly smudged red that we so carefully applied to the teasing tilt of those lips I so crave. Hungry lips, ripe and full with the desire you inspire inside of me. Yearning, I pull you towards me. Deny me not, your world will deepen and spin when you are mine.

Curious eyes, those that so match my own; yearning to explore those things so forbidden. Swimming with a desire to recognize one’s own self in one such as me…In another, beautiful, sensual, playful creature.

How can those eyes turn into bottomless pools of emotion, how can they turn into fiery lustful tools? How can eyes convey more than even words, the aphrodisiac of the mind?

You and I, my darling. We are poetry, alive, breathing poetry. Alive and magical, glowing with discovery and with all things we never imagined.

Write me a story. Singe my pages with fervid emotion, and may the ink flow with the irrepricable beauty of this love. Your hands are the quill, your lips –the ink well. Write me a story with your body.

This beauty will be something of such ardor, such fervor, that all else will melt away and two beings will be left only with the fierceness and virtue of seeing that radiant creature in themselves, and in another.

Elle, Alyssa