Friday, April 8, 2011

For Love For Literature

I'm sitting on my bed, eating generic honey comb cereal out of a vintage aqua tumbler. Splenda on top. I just have a couple inspiration pictures for today, nothing too over the top. The first picture is from the amazing Pamela Love's F2011 collection. I am in love with this hair. It's like this grungy, surfer-castaway kind of look. And the earrings are to die for. I need some Pamela Love in my life. I'm not sure where the second picture came from, all I know is that it's the lovely Karlie Kloss modeling in this editorial. The colors are beautiful and the dress is like a sea urchin on crack. The water looks so cold, but the lush green hill behind it is beyond gorgeous. The third picture is just vintage and gorgeous. Look how short the dress is, look how white her hair is. I'm really craving this whole white hair thing...

Sort of a boring post for today, but I haven't been able to get these images out of my mind all day long.  I'll be doing a wishlist/Spring staples checklist within the next couple days, and I promise that will be more interesting!

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