Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY Fever

It's summertime, and as soon as the grass gets green and the sun comes out to play, I get so inspired with ideas of stuff to make and how to look. Summer hair and makeup, cutoffs, cig-burnt t-shirts, studs, safety pins, chains, homemade dreamcatchers, lace shorts, hi-lo hems. IN LOVE. I got a load of soft, worn in goodies from Goodwill yesterday- butter-soft flannels to bleach, mens silk pajamas to pair with anything, a Navajo blanket to play with and wear as a cape/jacket/poncho thing this fall, worn-in vintage t-shirts that I'll probably burn holes in, a few jeans that I'm preparing to sever later today. A trip to the craft store brought in studs, bleach, packages of RIT dye, and lots of leather cords. For fall, I'm thinking velvet skinnies (which I'll probably make this summer), leather leggings, velvet shorts, flannel dresses from oversized men's shirts, and a boudoir robe as a light jacket.

Projects start today!!

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ThePinkMargarita said...

i'm feeling a bit hobo too! good luck with your project :)

much love,