Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mad for McQueen

I've always loved Alexander McQueen- his designs toed the line between reality and fantasy so perfectly that it was impossible to not feel whimsical and dreamy just looking at the runway shots. That's why I was so wary of Sarah Burton's (who is now the designer for the Alexander McQueen collection) Spring 2011 RTW. With just the opening shot I was already biased against her (who could be as great as McQueen?), with the mother-earth vibe which contrasted sharply with McQueen's usually darker settings. But I as I wandered through the shots, I realized that while new, Burton was able to create fantasy and whimsy in the traditional McQueen aesthetic, but make it different, fresh somehow. The dresses themselves were remarkable in just the craftsmanship. Feathers and pleated organza, brocade and black leather- the dresses were startling to look at at first, but once I started staring, I just couldn't stop.

For some reason all I could think about was fairies, and which sorta of fairies would wear which dress. Fairy Royalty, Fairy Warrior, Fairy Secret Lover
and countless other characters that I dreamed up. By the end of the runway slideshow, I practically had a whole storyline of what a fairy world might be like. Everyone wore McQueen.

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Alyssa said...

I love this post, you write so endearingly!