Tuesday, November 23, 2010

California Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

   As soon as I stepped outside today, I was immediately reminded of the marvelous song “California Dreamin’” by the Mama’s and Papa’s. The dreary, gray weather made me think of the song, which made me thing of California, which made me thing of surfing. Which made me thing of Proenza Schouler Spring RTW, obviously. Yep, that’s the caliber of the train of thought that goes through my brain. All I want to do today is be on a beach, or lazing in the surf, or even merely wearing one of the fabulous pieces of clothing from Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough’s brilliant minds (which actually isn’t such a mere, obtainable wish, as we all know). I scourged through the archives of pictures I saved to my computer (I’m a crazy right-click-save fanatic) to find some images that would best satisfy my dreams of surf, spray, and sun-kissed skin. And apparently of dip-dyed hair and blissfully bright tie-dye dresses.


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