Friday, November 19, 2010

Back in the Day...

             Back in the day, women seemed to really care about how they looked. They put time and effort into their appearance, and therefore took pride in it as well. It would be hard not to, with garments that were tailored to fit just their bodies, heels low enough to wear all day, every day, without extreme pain or permanent foot damage, and little hats to wear or red lipstick to apply. But no, today there is a widespread epidemic of sloppiness that is taking over the women of this country.  The majority of girls in my 8:00 A.M class wear sweat pants with salt-crusted Uggs from last year, a black fleece jacket over a baggy t-shirt, and hair and makeup as if they literally just rolled out of bed. And while they may have the argument that it’s too early to be conscious and looking good, or that they indeed did just roll out of bed, I don’t really find those to be excuses at all. This morning, for instance, I slept through my alarm and had woken up naturally and blissfully slowly until I looked at the clock, at which I jumped up and scrambled down from my bunk. I had woken up with literally 20 minutes to get to class, which gave me a solid ten minutes to prepare. Did I pull on deliciously comfortable, snuggly sweatpants, or my softest, comfiest big t-shirt? No. I pulled on a white cami, a drapey printed white tank top, and a thin, bat-winged sweater, and paired it with jeans and my trusty flats. After some excessive dry shampoo use and a couple coats of mascara, I was out the door, and to class with time to spare.
            If women all just took a little more time to get ready for their day, and took more pride in how they look, I think some huge differences could be made to the pseudo- dystopian American culture. Even if you don’t care about fashion, or style, there is honestly no good excuse to look like you rolled out of bed, even if you really just did. Pull on some jeans instead of sweats, a sweater instead of a hoodie, and either go completely fresh-faced or swipe on some mascara and go. And make sure you have plenty of dry shampoo.

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