Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someday I Will Have No Regrets

Someday I will have not regrets
-when I am old
                                         I shall have no regrets.
                                                      I may have tattoos
                                                     And wrinkles and scars
                                           And I shall never stop dreaming
                                                                                    I will have memories
                                                                           And pictures
                                                                -proof of my grand life:
                                                 Filled with friends and lovers
                                 Crazy nights and sleepy, heady mornings
                  -adventures and love.
                               I am desirous of everything.
                        I want to love and I want
                        To lose
                                                            I won’t need to be remembered
                                                -I don’t care about such things.
                               I just want to know –on my deathbead-
                    That I lived and felt completely
                                                                        And loved


Alyssa said...

Did you write this? It's so beautiful.

Elle Bugman said...

I did write it :) Thank you