Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Monster of Love

He was all contradictions,
All fuzzy and soft,
With hard twig arms,
And a nose made of cloth.
He had sharp little teeth,
And a charming grotesque grin,
Pointy owl-ears,
And on his back, a shark fin.
He was a nice little monster,
But was often rejected,
Among his monster friends,
He was never accepted.
They would ridicule him and mock him,
Push him and shove,
Just because he was the Monster of Love.

He loved little puppies,
And huge big hugs,
Bananas and noodles,
Even black bugs.
The only thing that really got him down,
Was the snickering,
And teasing,
And the occasional clown.
The more he thought about it,
The more he became sad,
Until one day he decided,
“From now on, I’ll be bad!”

“I’ll do doughnuts in parking lots,
I’ll get a tattoo,
and when I have class,
I’ll pretend to have the flu!
I’ll stop hugging puppies,
Stop residing in people’s hearts,
Instead I’ll shoot pool,
And learn to throw darts!
I’ll be so bad, baddest you’ve ever seen!
I’ll be abominable, atrocious,
And really,really mean!
It’s my nature to be good,
But it just causes me stress!
Because I am good,
My life is a mess”

And with that, he went off,
And did terrible things,
He smoked, cheated,
And had multiple flings.
He was a bad little monster,
As we can obviously see,
Until one day he decided,
“This isn’t me”

He crossed his twig arm,
And sat down to reflect,
On bad things he had done,
That people had come to expect.
And never in his life,
Had he felt so down,
And for the first time ever,
We saw Love Monster frown.

“I like being liked,
this isn’t right in my heart”
and with that, he decided,
“I’ll have a new start”

And with that he got up,
And as he brushed himself off,
His little monster heart,
Became three times as soft.
And so he resumed his Love-Monster ways,
And everyone loved ‘til the rest of their days.

And this is the story of the Love-Monster’s fable
and when you are bad,
Remember you are able,
To act as a saint,
To act as you should,
and when you are bad,
You can always turn good.
-Elle Bugman